Letter: What Is Going on Inside the Easton RTC?

To the Editor:

Dear Members of the Easton Republican Town Committee: You may think of me as a Democrat, if you think of me at all, but I am not a registered Democrat and I vote for Republican candidates—including in last week’s election.  In fact, the only endorsement letter I recall writing was for Republican Adam Dunsby.  And in nearly 20 years of living in Easton, I have been a reliable voter. None of that seems to matter to you.

I am no longer very active in town, but when I drive down the block, I see TRUMP painted on the road; when I get off the Parkway, I see CRT signs stapled up our telephone poles; and when I check my mailbox, I find support for people wandering around elementary classrooms in search of clandestine DEI. Town elections are won by filling potholes, not digging them!

What I see is a local party testing national campaign strategies. Perhaps that is fine if the results warrant it, but they do not. I believe Jeff Parker wanted to unite our town and I found aspects of his platform compelling, but on the day before the election, you stuffed my mailbox with an unwelcome newspaper that I find offensive, divisive, and utterly incompatible with Jeff’s message to the community.

It is entirely up to you to consider my voice or dismiss my vote, but the next time I find a Gazette with the words “Paid for by the Easton Republican Town Committee” in my mailbox, I will cease voting for any Republican candidates in town. And I suspect it will be Republicans and unaffiliated voters who are the first to thank me for writing this letter—perhaps even some of you.

Gabriel B. Rossi 


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