To the Editor:

Some of the biggest issues affecting Easton this election cycle is concerning local control of zoning and housing. Easton being a small town has been subject to one size fits all, cookie cutter regulations that do not serve our community.

Fortunately, we have State Senator Tony Hwang in our court. He is the recipient of the Town Crier Award from the CT Council of Small Towns this year. The Sierra Club and the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters also endorse him. We need him in Hartford to represent Easton. Not only are we a small town but we are a community consisting of 45% wetlands.

Please join me in re-electing a champion for our town and other small towns and vote for Tony Hwang on November 8th. Keep Hartford out of Easton and put a Senator to work who has our best interests in mind.

Wendy Bowditch

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