To the Editor:

There are many serious issues for voters to consider in this election but perhaps the most important for Easton is the protection of our watershed property and reservoirs which provide clean water to much of Fairfield County. State Senator Tony Hwang is a strong, experienced voice for us in Hartford. He is Deputy Senate Republican Leader in the CT General Assembly and has been appointed the Republican leader on several committees. The most important for Easton is the Planning and Development Committee which deals with land use and zoning.

Tony will strive to protect local zoning regulations and will oppose any attempts by Hartford to mandate ‘one size fits all’ zoning regulations. While he has a strong voice, he also has the ability to work with those who have conflicting views to try to reach an acceptable compromise.

Senator Hwang recently was awarded the Connecticut Council of Small Towns (COST) Award in recognition of his leadership role in championing the interests of small towns at the State Capitol.

A vote for Tony Hwang is a vote for Easton!

Mary Ann Freeman


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