To the Editor:

A woman I know went to a CPC (“Crisis Pregnancy Center”) a few years back and told them she was pregnant. They told her that if she had an abortion, it would increase her risk of cancer; that she was not far along and had plenty of time “later” to consider an abortion(they intentionally miscalculated her number of weeks); that future miscarriage risk would be higher. They lied to her, again and again.

Bill SB 835 ( C G A ( ) sought to constrain such CPC’s, so that it would not be legal for them to deliberately lie to women seeking help. Our state Senator Tony Hwang? He opposed that bill. He had the opportunity to vote to protect people from the lies, the manipulating, the deception. He took a different path.

But we’re supposed to trust him to protect women’s rights and autonomy? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. 

Tim Gavin has served our country admirably and seeks to serve it again. He is unambiguously pro-women, pro-choice, and pro-democracy. If the work ethic and determination he is showing in this campaign is any indicator, he will work tirelessly in Hartford for us.

Tony freely offers handshakes and hugs. I want more. I want a senator who will vote in support of honesty and respect for all our residents.

And if you think: Connecticut is safe from extremism, how much does it matter?  Let me ask you: have any political events surprised you in the past few years? Did anything happen that you thought would never happen? We cannot be complacent; we cannot assume all is well. What we can do is vote for people that represent our values. Don’t sit this one out. Vote Tim Gavin for State Senate.

Ira Kaplan


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