To the Editor:

Connecticut is at a crossroads. Do we want to move forward, maintain our freedoms, and restore the state to a place that people want to and can afford to live, or do we want to continue on the road to continued government overreach and socialism?

One candidate for State Representative in the 135th District can help us move forward. That candidate is Alex Burns. Alex realizes how important it is for towns to maintain local control over zoning decisions. Local towns know what is best for their towns. There is no one size fits all for zoning decisions. Alex will fight for continued local control in Hartford.

Alex realizes how important it is for the Connecticut economy  to become more affordable. The state must reduce state spending and reduce state taxes. Reducing regulations and becoming business friendly would attract businesses to the state, increasing jobs, increasing tax revenues, and reducing the need for government spending. The state looks flush with cash right now because of all of the Federal handouts it has received. This won’t continue. Alex will fight for a more fiscally responsible Connecticut in Hartford.

Please join me in voting for Alex Burns on Nov. 8 for a better Connecticut.

John Allan


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