Letter: Easton’s Emerging ‘Village Districts’ and Commercialization

To the Editor:

The evolution of the Easton sidewalk project is sketchy. This all started several years ago when Justin Giorlando, currently Easton’s part-time land use consultant, served on our town planning and zoning commission. From his experience at the state Department of Continue reading “Letter: Easton’s Emerging ‘Village Districts’ and Commercialization”

Letter: Sport Hill Pathway

In reading the summary of the latest Board of Selectmen meeting I found that there is apparently a misunderstanding about the commitment I made as chair of the Board of Finance concerning the proposed Sport Hill Pathway.

My commitment was to place the issue on our agenda for our Continue reading “Letter: Sport Hill Pathway”

Op-Ed: ‘More Light and Less Heat’ on Sport Hill Sidewalk

To the Editor:

When the Board of Finance received the request for funding for the proposed Sport Hill sidewalk I had a number of questions. The main ones were how thoroughly had alternatives been evaluated, why did the cost for a bike and pedestrian pathway cost about double the Continue reading “Op-Ed: ‘More Light and Less Heat’ on Sport Hill Sidewalk”

Letter: Approve the Pathway

To the Editor:

This past Tuesday, Easton voted clearly and decisively that it wants the pathway. Voters want Helen Keller Middle School students to walk safely to the Easton Village Store. They want to take advantage of a $997,000 grant that will cover 80 percent of the cost for Continue reading “Letter: Approve the Pathway”

Letter: Support the Sport Hill Pathway

To the Editor:

I support the proposed pathway from Helen Keller to Silverman’s and we must move fast.

A few years ago, I was driving north on Sport Hill. As is often the case, a group of kids was walking along the side of the road. One of the children wandered into the road and Continue reading “Letter: Support the Sport Hill Pathway”

Letter: The People Have Spoken

Tuesday night’s Town referendum had a tremendous turn out. Congratulations to all of us for voting “YES” to all 5 items.

Item 5 on the ballot.

“As an advisory question, should the Town of Easton appropriate $249,400 for the local match requirement (20% of the total project cost of Continue reading “Letter: The People Have Spoken”

Letter: Easton Needs Many Answers Before We Move Along This Sidewalk Path

To the Editor:

Easton voter turnout for this 5-question referendum was 23.5%. The Easton Board of Selectmen immediately spin-doctored this turnout as follows:

“Huge turnout” – First Selectman Bindleglass

“Turnout was remarkable” – Selectman Sogofsky

“Tremendous voter turnout” Continue reading “Letter: Easton Needs Many Answers Before We Move Along This Sidewalk Path”

Referendum Results Confirmed; Pathway’s Future Still Uncertain

A larger than expected turnout among animated Easton voters produced two results that oddsmakers might well have missed. The first three measures were without any significant controversy and the margins in favor were wide.

The decision to join the Westport Weston Health District Continue reading “Referendum Results Confirmed; Pathway’s Future Still Uncertain”

Easton Voters Support Pathway, Approve Joining Westport Weston Health District

Easton voters on Tuesday approved joining the Westport Weston Health District and voted in favor of appropriating $249,400 to construct a multi-use pathway along Sport Hill Road.

The proposals were among five referendum questions on the ballot, all of which were approved by voters, Continue reading “Easton Voters Support Pathway, Approve Joining Westport Weston Health District”

Easton Votes; Polls Close at 8 P.M.

A crisp spring day and an unusual interest in two referendum questions brought a steady stream of voters to Samuel Staples Elementary School shortly after the polls opened at 6 a.m.

One of the much debated items will determine whether or not to join the Westport Weston Health Continue reading “Easton Votes; Polls Close at 8 P.M.”