Easton Democrats Welcome New Residents

Invite Participation on Town Boards and Commissions

Like many towns in Connecticut, Easton has seen a rapidly increasing number of voters who register as Democrats. So many, that for the first time in many years, “We’re nearly at parity and that’s great news for everyone,” said Nanette DeWester, chair of the Easton Democratic Town Committee.  “We’re proud that Easton is now a two-party town that reflects the growth and values of the entire community. It’s so important that more than one political party lead and direct a democracy in order for all the people to be fairly represented.”

The Easton Democratic Town Committee (EDTC) seeks Democrats to run in the upcoming 2021 municipal election for the paid, full-time town jobs of Tax Collector and Town Clerk, and the paid, part-time position of Treasurer. Interested Easton residents may contact DTC Nominations Chair David Katz for more information about experience and qualifications for these positions.

“We welcome all new Democrats to our party, and ask them to consider becoming part of town government as elected town officials or as members of elected or appointed citizen boards or commissions,” said Katz.

Elected positions for important town boards and commissions that will be on the ballot this year include the Board of Finance, the Easton Board of Education and Region 9 Board of Education, the Library Board of Trustees, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Board of Assessment Appeals, and others.

All these positions and boards wield significant decision-making power and influence over policy, budget, or quality-of-life issues in Easton. More information about open positions is available on the town website.

Easton residents interested in seeking endorsement or more information from the Easton Democratic Town Committee for any of these positions may contact David Katz at dpkatz5@gmail.com.

Democrats — old and new — are invited to join the Easton Democratic Town Committee in remote meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. Contact Lise Fleuette, EDTC secretary, at  dtc_secretary@eastonctdems.com to sign up and help us build a sustainable future for Easton. We believe in a transparent town government that advocates on behalf of everyone and with respect for the democratic process.

We support public officials who lead with moral character, truth, and compassion. We defend high-quality public education for all students. We uphold policies and decisions that protect our agricultural heritage and open space. We seek long-term prosperity for Easton residents that is rooted in equity and justice. We are focused on solutions and promote inclusive membership.

Easton DTC Meet and Greet with Senator Chris Murphy at a private home in Easton, CT

Op-Ed: Moving Forward Together

Easton is celebrating its 175th birthday this year. Our journey began in 1762 as North Fairfield. Renamed “Easton” in 1845, the town continued to grow, thrive, and become the special place it is today. The success story didn’t happen in isolation. Easton’s everyday survival necessitated collaboration and mutual support across the greater community.  When wars, pandemics, famines, and economic downturn occurred, community strength was how we recovered. We owe our longevity, in part, to our ability to help each other. Easton’s survival was, and is, as part of a larger county, state, and nation.   

Now, we are at another crossroads with two critical decisions to make: how will we  enable our community to move forward and who will we empower to lead us there? For me the answer is easy — by electing this proven slate of Democrats.

At the top of Connecticut’s ticket is Congressman Jim Himes who is seeking to continue his service to Fourth District constituents, state Rep. Anne Hughes, who will be serving her second term for the 135th in Hartford, and Michelle McCabe who will take the reins as our state senator in the 28th. Each of these outstanding candidates possesses the right stuff at the right time. Their combined individual strengths, tenure, humility, courage, and compassion add up to a strong coalition to fuel our recovery and form the foundation of our ability to forge a path forward as a better state and nation.   

President Obama said, “Elections have consequences.” We’re living through those consequences now but more than 100,000 Americans aren’t. If you didn’t think who was in the White House or who was fighting for you in Congress or in Hartford mattered before, you can see it does now. Our lives depend on who leads us. 

There’s an old saying that you stand on the shoulders of those who come before you. It’s a great adage as long as there’s someone standing there with the strength to lift you up. Jim, Anne, Michelle, and Joe Biden (if given the nomination) have spent their lives demonstrating that strength. I urge us all to empower them to empower us. Make the choice to move Easton forward, lifted together.

About the Easton Democratic Town Committee: The Easton Democratic Town Committee is focused on working within our local and state communities to engineer solutions which will drive long-term prosperity for our residents, improve the quality of life in Easton, and ensure all members of our community’s needs are addressed. Visit: https://eastondems.org/platform/ for more information.

Easton Democrats Endorse Incumbent State Rep. Anne Hughes

Members of the Easton Democratic Town Committee (EDTC) unanimously endorsed Anne Hughes for re-election as state representative of the 135th House District on Feb. 5. The EDTC came together for its monthly meeting with guest speakers, including Gayle Weinstein of Weston. Weinstein was invited to speak as she is challenging the incumbent Hughes for the Democratic nomination of the district which is comprised of Easton, Weston, and part of Redding. 

Seeking support for her candidacy, Weinstein described her experience, background, reasons for running, and then answered questions from committee members. Hughes was also in attendance, as she regularly reports on state and town issues that are important to Easton officials, residents, and EDTC members. Members later discussed Weinstein’s candidacy and experience, weighing it against the successes of Hughes.

Hughes co-sponsored or introduced over 75 bills in her first term alone. In contrast, her Republican predecessor (Adam Dunsby) introduced six in 2017, and his predecessor John Shaban (now running for the Republican nomination for this seat), co-sponsored 25 between 2014 and 2016, according to Ballotopia. Hughes’ 2020 list (which continues to grow in the current session), is a benchmark for the increased engagement and the expectation of constituents in our district to have an advocate serving them.

When asked what work she was most proud of this past term, Hughes quickly responded with her work “helping to build the Bi-Partisan Women’s Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and the Social Worker’s Caucus, in addition to collaborating with colleagues across the state legislature and governor’s office to push for inclusive, justice-centered, and equitable policy.”

As a freshman legislator, Hughes earned the unusual distinction of 2019 Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) for advocating the Youth Climate Strikers, for pushing for bolder renewable energy transition, renewable investment into transportation infrastructure, for carbon-neutral future and crisis-resilient measures.

Hughes was instrumental in securing a state grant that helped provide for 160 acres to be added to the Aspetuck Land Trust and Nature Conservancy in Weston; for the release of the bond funds for the expansion of Weston Library Children’s Room, for the grant for historical repairs to the Norfield Church in Weston. She collaborated with leadership and House majority to pass a balanced, on-time, state budget that follows the spending cap, the education cost-sharing formula, and that supports Town Aid be distributed in a timely, predictive manner, and without raising income taxes.

A motion was made by Victor Alfandre and seconded by Wiley Mullins to endorse Hughes for re-election as state representative of the 135th House District, passing unanimously. “We are proud to support Anne. She’s done a great job. After more than 30 years, we finally have an influential Democratic representative in Hartford. Let’s not lose it,” Nanette DeWester, EDTC chair said,.  In late March, Easton Democrats will hold a caucus to elect delegates to vote at three multi-town conventions held in May for state representative, state Senate, and U.S. House.

Anne Hughes holds an informal “Constituent Cappuccino” every Friday at Greiser’s Coffee & Market in Easton from 8:30-9:15 a.m., unless she’s in session. If you would like to connect with local Democrats who are engaged, interested in public involvement — and making Easton an inclusive and welcoming place to live — please join them at one of their upcoming monthly meetings.

State Representative Anne Hughes honors local hero, Tom Costanzo of Tomasinos Pizza N Pasta on Long Ridge Road in Redding, for saving a stranded motorist on the West Redding Train Station tracks. Costanzo helped the man escape the vehicle right before it was struck by the train. Photo courtesy of Rep. Hughes.

Easton Democrats Celebrate First Selectman at Inaugural Ball

Easton residents, friends, and community leaders gathered together to honor the historic win of David Bindelglass as the Town of Easton’s First Selectman, and to thank Bob Lessler for his twenty years of service as Selectman.  (L – R) Michelle Lapine McCabe, Anne Hughes, Bob Lessler, and David Bindelglass at the First Selectman’s Inaugural Ball on January 18th in Easton, CT.
Photography by: Lillie Fortino.

Bindelglass, an orthopedic surgeon from Easton, Connecticut, was elected this November as the Town’s first Democratic First Selectman in 36 years. Along with Selectman Bob Lessler, who was re-elected to his eleventh term as Selectman, the two have formed the first Democratic majority on the town board since 2003. The election is also historic because it is the first time since 1983 that Easton has elected a Democratic First Selectman as well as a Democratic majority to the three member board.

Despite the inclement weather on Saturday, January 18th, approximately 70 guests arrived at the private estate of longtime residents and art collectors, Elliot Leonard and Roger Litz, who graciously hosted the Inaugural Ball for Bindelglass. “Easton is here tonight, and we’re bringing change,” said Leonard as he welcomed guests to the party that evening. “Smart and hard work led us to the first board control since 1983, and hopefully will help to bring change nationally in 2020.”

The attendees celebrated the collective achievements of the long serving Democrats in Easton, with remarks from State Rep. Anne Hughes, State Senatorial candidate Michelle Lapine McCabe, Selectman Lessler, and First Selectman Bindelglass. The event doubled as a fundraiser for 2020 campaigns and leadership initiatives supported by the Easton Democratic Town Committee (EDTC) and its members.

“Easton residents want to be informed and valued no matter their age, race, or gender. Our neighbors want to feel safe, heard, and like they belong in this community, and we will continue to be guided by our vision that upholds the quality of life and prosperity of each of our citizens. The EDTC is working hard to be an example of how a town can positively collaborate for the greater good of all of its residents. We are grateful for the support of our state representatives and leaders, and we are looking forward to even more success for Democrats in 2020,” stated Nanette DeWester, Chairperson of the EDTC.

To learn more about how you can serve alongside the Democratic town leadership, build community, and participate in planning for Easton’s future, please visit the EDTC website and attend an upcoming monthly meeting. The EDTC is an inclusive, engaged, and welcoming group of residents who believe in public involvement, as well as a proactive and solutions-oriented approach to town government.