Industrial Arts Teacher Leaves a Legacy

A Tribute to Mr. Gass

Though I’ve lived in Connecticut three quarters of my life I’ve always considered myself a transplanted New Yorker. There weren’t many “New Yorkers” during my nearly 33-year teaching career at Helen Keller Middle School, not real New Yorkers. But when Ted Continue reading “Industrial Arts Teacher Leaves a Legacy”

Gotta Love ’em!

It was election week. Corona, politics and corona politics left little else to think about. As palpable tensions of abounding unknowns saturated the nervous airwaves, concerns grew ever deeper. Something had to give; either there was to be a seismic shift toward reason and sensibility Continue reading “Gotta Love ’em!”

All Aboard

Robert LaValle

You’ve barely opened your eyes and the morning SOS express (not ‘save our ship’ but ‘same ol’ stuff’ or four-letter explicative) is impatiently waiting at the door of your brand new day. The conductor shouts, “All aboard” and though you would love to roll over you Continue reading “All Aboard”


Robert LaValle

As soon as our ears can hear, words are translated into action.  There are all types of words. They can be powerful, playful, musical, monotonically robotic, harmful, loving, meaningful, or meaningless. Some bring joy and can make us laugh, others can make us cry Continue reading “Words”

Rendezvous with Destiny — A True Story

As the sun began its descent into the western winter sky, its message illuminated the great outdoors and quickly thawed the frozen crevasses of my sedentary mind. Unlike prior weeks of the worst winter in recent history, this sun beamed into our living room with undeniable force Continue reading “Rendezvous with Destiny — A True Story”

Mambert Road: A Job Well Done

Robert LaValle

Editor’s note: This is the third installment of a three-part series based on the author’s experiences on a family-owned property on Mambert Road in New York, east of the Hudson River. Here is the first installment, published on Aug. 21 and the second installment, Continue reading “Mambert Road: A Job Well Done”

Mambert Road: Old Percy

Robert LaValle

Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a three-part series based on the author’s experiences on a family-owned property on Mambert Road in New York, east of the Hudson River. Here is the first part, published on Aug. 21.

Needing temporary shelter during Continue reading “Mambert Road: Old Percy”

Mambert Road: A Cabin In The Woods

Robert LaValle

In the township of Livingston, New York, approximately a quarter mile beyond the intersection where Water Street and Bells Pond Road become one lonely road, a tilted tired old street sign rests against a thicket of overgrown perennial vines indicating Mambert Road. 

Continue reading “Mambert Road: A Cabin In The Woods”

Love In Action

My emotions often well up when I witness what I consider perfection. Really, and anything goes, from watching a Disney animation to a civil rights protest on CNN. Any outward display of genuine human love tugs at my heartstrings. Listening to the Beatles or Beethoven or anything Continue reading “Love In Action”

Video: Bobby Bakes No Knead-e Bread

It’s been said that there are only two types of people, Italians and people who wished they were Italian. We La Valles always knew we were Italian, and figured we were at least 100% if not more. My mother’s parents were straight off the boat, yet dad’s folks were born in New York Continue reading “Video: Bobby Bakes No Knead-e Bread”