Letter: Swastika — Just a Couple of Crazy Kids

To the Editor:

Oh, come on. They’re good kids, they just wanted to be rebellious. It hasn’t happened in this town before, so it’s not really a problem. Sure, they should be reprimanded for defacing school property, but let’s be honest, it was only chalk, not paint. This is a nice Continue reading “Letter: Swastika — Just a Couple of Crazy Kids”

Letter: Open Response to CRG/Sherry Harris and June Logie

While I regret giving your messages any more amplification than they deserve, I feel I must respond to your recent letter about Critical Race Theory and “cancel culture.”

You state “CRG expected criticism, but the level of venom was astounding and demonstrates that the fear many Continue reading “Letter: Open Response to CRG/Sherry Harris and June Logie”

Letter: A Sidewalk Does Not a City Make

To the Editor:

Many Eastonites are fighting against the proposed sidewalk as a dangerous step towards the urbanization of our town.

I believe this is a foolish exaggeration that could not be further than the truth. Our town is marked by community spirit and pride, neighbors knowing Continue reading “Letter: A Sidewalk Does Not a City Make”

Letter: YES to School Budget Increases

Open letter to the Board of Finance regarding the school budget increase:


My children graduated from the Easton/ER9 school system a few years ago. But I’m still in complete support of the school budget increase.

Our children are our future. Future leaders, future neighbors, Continue reading “Letter: YES to School Budget Increases”

Letter: Hope and Commitment

To the Editor:

Hope and Commitment
I am outraged. I am stunned. I am sickened by the anonymous leaflet that was left in my mailbox.

But I am also heartened by the vast majority of our town’s response: yes, the world is changing, must change, and we must all change for the better. Continue reading “Letter: Hope and Commitment”