State Delegation Endorses Bindelglass Re-Election

David Bindelglass launched his campaign for re-election at a rally in Easton June 27 with enthusiastic endorsements from Governor Ned Lamont, Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz, state Rep. Anne Hughes (D-135), and fellow Easton Selectman Bob Lessler. 

Elected in 2019, Bindelglass has Continue reading “State Delegation Endorses Bindelglass Re-Election”

Letter: Help End Connecticut One-Party Rule

To the Editor:

The state of Connecticut has been financially decimated by more than a quarter-century of dominance by the state Democratic Party. They have hired a state workforce that has been overpaid, over-benefitted, and overstaffed for years. By doing so they have essentially Continue reading “Letter: Help End Connecticut One-Party Rule”

Shaban’s Call for Leadership Is a Little Late

(Response to Op-Ed by John Shaban, Aug. 13, 2020, Leadership in a Storm.)

I was glad to see John Shaban, our former state representative for District 135 (Easton, Redding, Weston) express his concern about leadership and accountability in the wake of our recent power outages, now Continue reading “Shaban’s Call for Leadership Is a Little Late”

Democratic Party Endorses Rep. Anne Hughes For Second Term

REDDING, CT—State Rep. Anne Hughes received the endorsement of the Democratic Party for a second term on Monday during the 135th State Assembly District’s nominating convention.

The convention, usually held in person, was conducted over conference call because of the COVID-19 pandemic Continue reading “Democratic Party Endorses Rep. Anne Hughes For Second Term”