Letter: Vote Anne Hughes for Decency, Honesty, and Integrity

To the Editor:

In 2018 Anne Hughes handily won the 135th seat from an incumbent of the opposite party. She’s since worked tirelessly on our behalf.

I notice the campaign mailings of the 2020 Republican candidate for that seat, John Shaban, rely heavily on personally attacking Continue reading “Letter: Vote Anne Hughes for Decency, Honesty, and Integrity”

Letter: Michelle McCabe Will Represent Our Interests

To the Editor:

I’m writing in support of Michelle McCabe, who is running for State Senate in the 28th District. Michelle is endorsed by groups like the CT Education Association, the Sierra Club, Moms Demand Action, and the Uniformed Professional Firefighters Association of CT.

Continue reading “Letter: Michelle McCabe Will Represent Our Interests”

Board of Selectmen Approve Antiracist Actions

The Easton Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the formation of the Easton Diversity and Inclusion Task Force as proposed by resident Lise Fleuette. The task force will act as an advisory group to investigate and offer recommendations to all town departments, boards and commissions Continue reading “Board of Selectmen Approve Antiracist Actions”