A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass

Update for 4/01/2021

Good evening,

Given the short week, I wanted to reach out to all of you. First, Happy Easter and Passover to all who celebrate.

Our Covid numbers again rose slightly. The per 100,000 number for the two weeks ending March 27 was 19. We had to go virtual Continue reading “A Message from First Selectman Bindelglass”

Holy Week Services at the Congregational Church of Easton

UploadFICongCHurch church-1.jpg

As we move towards Easter, many of us may be preparing for very different Easter and holiday celebrations. We may not be having our large family gathers, joining in community Easter Egg Hunts, or spending time with friends.

This perhaps makes the holidays even more spiritually Continue reading “Holy Week Services at the Congregational Church of Easton”

Easter and Passover Greetings: A Heartfelt Message


A blessed Passover, Great Lent and Easter to each and all celebrating!

For many of us, the holidays this year may remind us of what we have lost. Our gatherings around our seder, communion, and family tables may be fewer or slimmer than we wish and certainly not the same as “before:”

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Traveling Minstrels Raise Holiday Spirits

The singing theater family of Dan and Kimberly Fox, their daughter Annabelle Fox and her husband, Douglas Waterbury-Tieman, asked if they could share some Easter music.

They had noticed my car idle in the driveway lately while they walked their dogs and wanted to share some cheer Continue reading “Traveling Minstrels Raise Holiday Spirits”

A Brief Passover and Easter Message

As Passover seders and Easter dinners take place under quarantine and isolation, and as synagogues and churches remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are reminded that Passover and Easter —  like the coming of spring — also bring messages of hope and spiritual renewal. 

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Pastor Sends Message of Hope for Spring Holiday Season

This spring holiday season, as we observe Passover and Easter, we are reminded of hope and rebirth. We are reminded of the presence of God in the midst of great suffering in the hopes that that same hope, love, and rejuvenation will give us strength of spirit and faith in times of Continue reading “Pastor Sends Message of Hope for Spring Holiday Season”